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NIA General Meeting Minutes Sept. 10, 2017
Dan Slattery introduced the presenter, Kari Black, an NIA member and president of the Northern Indiana Artists.
Kari, substituting for the presenter that Danielle Wellborn couldn’t get in touch with again, gave a presentation on the pottery, drawings and paintings she has done. She teaches at both the SBMA and Bethel College. She principally does pottery and recently added figures to her pottery. She is influenced by works done by Watteau. She did a large drawing of miscellaneous objects found around the house, all space oriented in some way according to the phases of the moon, called “Ovulating Stars”. Also another large still life drawing from materials at hand and her imagination, called “October”. She also had several oil paintings of scenes and ocean along Highway 1, the California coast. Also a pastel self-portrait. She finds fulfillment in all art mediums and she currently has a solo show, “Through My Eyes, by My Hands”, until November 3rd at Bethel College, Weaver Gallery.
Meeting was called to order at 1:10 by President Kari Black. She announced that we have lost three board members that need to be replaced.
Minutes from the March 12 meeting were disbursed and will be approved at the November meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: Jill Heavner reported a checkbook balance of $12,301.28. Motion was made to approve and seconded. Treasurer’s Report approved.
Membership: Need Chair
Vice-President: Need Chair
Publicity: Cathy McCormick said the publicity in the papers was good for the NIA Member Show at the Midwest Museum in Elkhart.
Historian: Lea Goldman read a letter from someone at Manchester College of upcoming shows. She said it is a good place to show art, call her to reserve.
SBMA Rep: Need chair
Publications: Joan Spohrer asks that we send her any NIA news we might have to add to the NIA/Facebook blog which she writes. It’s a good way to publicize your work.
Scholarship Report: Jim Cooke Not present
Exhibit Report: Kimberly DeNolf Not present
Hospitality: Dee Thornton has graciously agreed to take over this position.
New Business: We will have nominations for the positions that need chairs. Lea Goldman said that she would like to be the SBMA Rep and Dan Slattery said that he would take over as Historian but we still need Vice President, Membership and Programs Chairs.
Kari said the rest of the year would be rather slow per our agreement with the Midwest Museum not to have any more shows this year.
There was one new member, Ellen Heitger
Jill Heavner had some brochures for a Plein Air competition, “The First Brush of Fall”. Competition is Saturday, September 23 in Mississinewa Lake and Converse, IN area Paintout. She hasn’t competed there but thinks Diane Overmeyer has if you want to check with her for more information.
Also Diane Overmeyer is putting together a couple of workshops: Alan Larkin drawing workshop, May 17th–19th.
Pastel demos, oil PowerPoint demos, May 20th—23rd
Also the Midwest Museum in Elkhart juried regional is accepting art until Sept. 9-29th, show October 6-Dec 3.
Pastel and Watercolor show at Colfax campus October 6.
Fernwood Photography show and then a Landscape show October 27th. Entries due October 22nd, 1 to 4 PM or October 24, 10 to 12 AM for Landscape show.
Kari asked for a motion to adjourn, seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 2:30
Minutes submitted by Jude Phillips, Secretary

minutes of the NIA General Meeting, September 10, 2017

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