Ginny Scott

Ginny Scott, "Grass Creek"

“Grass Creek”

Biography and Statement

Ginny Scott has been a professional artist for most of her life. She studied with several well known artists in New York; namely, Harriet Febland and Alton Tobey; and with well known sculptor Florence Weisman. She has exhibited in galleries in New York and Westchester County, including Sindin Harris Gallery in New York, Brooklyn College, Long Island University and Summerfield Gallery in New York to name a few. Ginny has taught abstract art in her studios for many years and privately in Florida and Chicago. She was a member of Artist Equity in New York before relocating to Florida and Chicago. Since moving to Indiana she has exhibited in many solo and group shows and juried exhibitions and has completed many commissioned paintings as well. Ginny is a member of Northern Indiana Artists, Inc, and the Area Artists Association of the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. She calls her paintings “Images of the Mind.” They reflect the world and the environment through color, shape and dimension and are an expression of the inner self or the subconscious. Some of her favorite artists are Jackson Pollack, Kandinsky and Hans Hoffman. “There is no need for reality to find creative expression in the arts.” Ginny’s studio is in La Porte, Indiana.

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