Janet Gilbert

Janet Gilbert, "Summer's End"

“Summer’s End”



Biography and Statement

Janet Gilbert decided to make a life change after spending 24 years in finance. She enjoyed creating art from an early age and working with computers later on so graphic arts seemed like an obvious path to follow. She studied graphic design at Vincennes University, Elkhart before transferring to Indiana University, South Bend. She took her first drawing class at IUSB and was hooked on art. She changed her major to painting and drawing since she preferred the hands-on approach to creating. She continues to use her graphic design knowledge in her work. Jan obtained here Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing in December 2006.

Jan feels that art brings the ability to see in a different way. Nature becomes more interesting. The sky and trees are more beautiful and colors are more vibrant. Objects are broken down into a series of shapes and values. Mother Nature is a fabulous artist. Jan has found that a person’s face and physique say a lot about that individual. Jan’s meticulous personality traits make realism an obvious technique for her work.

Although she enjoys working in pastel, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and pen and ink, oil is her medium of choice. She finds it easier to manipulate since it stays wet for an extended time period and colors can be mixed to exactly what she wants. It can be brought to fine detail or abstracted easily. It can be made thick or thin, textured or smooth. Oil is not as fragile as pastel or charcoal.

Still life is her chosen subject matter as she enjoys choosing the objects and setting them in ways she finds appealing. This can take a lot of time because she is working with negative and positive shapes, color and lighting. Her knowledge of composition and perspective are brought into play. She enjoys working from life in her studio. One of the biggest challenges is keeping the cats away from her setup! She also paints landscapes, portraits, and animals. She has been commissioned for murals as well.

Jan feels art is a wonderful escape from everyday pressures. Although art has its challenges and is an array of problem solving, it is exciting for her to see how her artwork evolves. She continues to push herself to try different techniques and to get out of her comfort zone.

Jan’s artwork can be seen at Mariner Network, New Buffalo, Michigan as well many of the art shows presented in the local area.

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