Josh Hozey

Josh Hozey, "Mirror Man" 300w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" /> “Mirror Man”

Biography and Statement

I am Josh Hozey, a multiple award winning artist located in Mishawaka, IN whose art work centers on a form of cubism but delves into the realms of surrealism and abstraction as well. I have been practicing my art since 1993. My style has been described as “whimsical but with a really twisted dark edge that makes it stand out!” (Bobbie Dunn, Germany) or as “wonderfully creepy… and deliciously sinister!” (Louise Bates, England)

I have been labeled an outsider artist by most. Those who know me closely would probably agree even more since the original outsider artists were psychiatric patients. Looking thru my own history and collection I can’t fully disagree with this assessment. Especially since the restructuring of objects and/or the searching of the depths of the psyche are the foundations of my Acrylics. To me art is a fusion of my experiences, analytical thinking & subconscious with shape, color, and design. Color is especially important when telling the story. Sometimes in deep thought or with eyes closed, I argue with my brain forcing it to run color simulations in order to get the right color combination.

My main goal is to stimulate and engage others minds long enough, through detail, technique, or story to fully escape into another dimension, more specifically mine. When creating my works, while I infuse my own ideas into the painting, I purposely construct portions to allow for open interpretation as well. This allows others to bring my world closer to their own.


Best of Show at the 20th Annual Heartland Artists Juried Regional Exhibit

Judges Award at the Independence in the Studio Art Exhibition at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Merit Award at the Studio Arts Classes Exhibition

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