Michelle Herrli

Michelle Herrli, Photography

“Red Rock and Yellow Trees”


Biography and Statement

Michelle Herrli’s love for photography ignited in the late 70’s when she was loaned a 35mm SLR camera.  By the 80’s her images were used commercially, including as a photographer for a US congressional race.  In 2005 Herrli focused her work towards her first love, fine art. Since then her work has been shown in galleries, juried exhibits, and art fairs. She currently serves on the board of the Northern Indiana Artists organization.

Herrli enjoys capturing many different venues of photography, but her best art works are abstracts. The goal of abstract art is to allow the viewer to imagine or to be drawn into the beauty of the composition, without any preconceived ideas or emotions about the image. Her images are taken from reflections playing on water, color and light reflecting through glass or ice, patterns found in the world around us. The compositions often contain vivid colors, which reflects her joy-filled life.

Every image has been captured through the camera lens. They are not manipulated to create abstract art.  Although Herrli’s images are available on archival photo paper, the abstracts are much more striking on canvas. She does her own Giclee printing to control quality and color, using Photoshop as the digital darkroom. Using archival materials, the canvas is treated with liquid laminate to provide UV protection. Each image is limited to no more than 50 editions.

Herrli believes it is a gift to be able to see the awe and wonder of life. She is grateful for the new surprises that wait to reveal their glory.  It is a special delight to her that her three sisters share in the same love of fine art, each in their own unique discipline.  You might see their booth displays set up side by side at an art fair.

Contact the artist for purchase. All images are copyrighted by the artist.

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